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  • Emily Carney

    Emily Carney

    Space historian and podcaster. Space Hipster. Named one of the Top Ten Space Influencers by the National Space Society.

  • Dennis Wingo

    Dennis Wingo

    I design and develop new space architectures and systems. In life I am interested in the confluence of history and technology. The past guides the future.

  • Federal Aviation Administration

    Federal Aviation Administration

    Welcome to the official Medium account of the FAA. Following, mention or comment does not mean endorsement. Have a question, we’ll answer it!

  • Amy Shira Teitel

    Amy Shira Teitel

    Historian and author of Fighting for Space (February 2020) from Grand Central Publishing. Also public speaker, TV personality, and YouTuber. [The Vintage Space]

  • Danny Bednar

    Danny Bednar

    Space Geographer, PhD & Amateur Musicologist. Asst. Professor #Space2090 I Columns: The Geography of Space Exploration & The Canon of Heavy Metal I Views Mine I

  • Francis French

    Francis French

    International experience in relating science, engineering, music, astronomy, art, and wildlife to general audiences.

  • Kit Wilson

    Kit Wilson

    Kit Wilson is a writer and musician in London. He has previously been published in Standpoint and the Spectator, and has an album coming out later this year.

  • Launcher


    Launcher is developing the world’s most efficient rocket to deliver small satellites to orbit.

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