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Hosts The Space Shot & The Cosmosphere Podcast. Podcaster. Techie. Bibliophile. Space science & history nerd.


  • Rishabh Rai

    Rishabh Rai

    Curiously Curious…

  • Baero Jones

    Baero Jones

  • Stephen Andes

    Stephen Andes

    Pop Culture is everywhere. And all of it has a history. It tells us who we are and who we want to be. My current project is Zorro.

  • Linda


    This moment is eternal.

  • Olga Millan

    Olga Millan

  • Emma topper

    Emma topper

  • Ray Benefield

    Ray Benefield

    Cloud Solutions Architect. Father of CAPI Creative Force Founder. 343i Community Cartographer.

  • SharpDog


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