Hosts The Space Shot & The Cosmosphere Podcast. Podcaster. Techie. Bibliophile. Space science & history nerd. I’ve also been a jeweler for 15+ years.

What is digital amnesia? It’s also known as digital obsolescence, but basically, it happens when a file, website, or piece of computer hardware can no longer be read or function, thereby depriving us of the ability to read the contents stored in that medium.

What I’ve found in some cases…

My wife and I took inspiration from more places than we can count for the declaration we gave earlier this month in front of family and friends when we got married.

Colorado allows couples to self-solemnize, so we decided to something that reflected our values, instead of having a judge…

Out of This World Science

On July 4, 1997, the Mars Pathfinder mission and the Sojourner rover landed on the surface of Mars. This mission was an example of what NASA could do with a “low cost” flight, with the budget being roughly $280 million for the vehicle, operations on Earth, and a rocket.


Like many in the space community, I’m interested to learn more about Joe Biden’s record on space policy and NASA programs. While there isn’t a ton to go on, I found this statement he made in the Congressional Record from 6/19/73 to be interesting.

Screen capture from the 1973 Congressional Record. Full version can be seen here.

Nearly 40 years have passed from…

Public Policy and Executive Branch Agencies-

The operation of NASA has always been intertwined with Presidential politics. Since its inception, NASA has been an independent agency that is part of the executive branch. For better or worse, this has meant that each President can impart their legacy on the agency. …

John Mulnix

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