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Hosts The Space Shot & The Cosmosphere Podcast. Podcaster. Techie. Bibliophile. Space science & history nerd.

A brief policy overview from Apollo to Artemis… and hopefully beyond

Public Policy and Executive Branch Agencies-

A quick thought on a past statement and hope for the future.

Screen capture from the 1973 Congressional Record. Full version can be seen here.

Wet burps, rockets, and tasty space drinks

Liftoff! Picture- NASA

Launch Alert!

2011 Was a Busy Year and 2020 Will Be Even Busier for NASA and SpaceX

Launching Skylab- 47 Years Later

Liftoff! The last Saturn V rocket carried Skylab into orbit. The Saturn V first stage produced ~7.6 million pounds of thrust. Picture credit- NASA

The Final Shuttle Built Took to Space for the First Time

Musical Voyeur

Make the best of the next meteor shower.

Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash taken at Northstar Mountain, Breckenridge.

1. Find a dark patch of sky

“Roger, liftoff, and the clock is started!”

John Mulnix

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